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2023 Holiday Wallet Watch: In-Depth Consumer Spending Report Revealed

Plus Tips, Tricks & News for Boutique Owners and their Team

Happy Tuesday.✌️ Welcome to the 16th edition of our weekly newsletter!

🍂 Love it or hate it, Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing started a month ago. We’ll continue to provide various holiday marketing insights until the ball drops in Times Square and we can finally go on a diet. 🤣 

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In this week’s edition:

  • 🌊 Insights to apply to your marketing strategy for BFCM and beyond

  • 📈 How to Fight Back Against Serial Returners

  • 😀 Crafting an Instagram Bio for Your Boutique

  •  Tips, trends, & tidbits

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Deep Dive 🌊

Klaviyo, the email marketing platform, released their annual consumer spending report to aide businesses with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing. You can read the full report here, but I parsed it down for your skimming pleasure.

- 🛒 Consumers are currently shopping about equally in-store and online, despite a preference for online shopping.

- 🏬 In-store shoppers value the ability to touch products and immediate availability, while online shoppers prioritize convenience.

- 📧 Nearly half of consumers prefer email as their preferred method of brand marketing.

- 💲 Older consumers are more likely to prefer in-store shopping and are influenced by promotions and competitive prices.

- 💰 Gen Zs and millennials are less hesitant to shop online and have a more optimistic economic outlook.

- 🛍️ Consumers plan to primarily shop online for the upcoming holiday season.

- 💸 Younger consumers, particularly Gen Zs, are more willing to increase spending on non-essentials.

- 💄 The "lipstick effect" is observed in a minority of consumers, with beauty services and makeup being popular choices during economic uncertainty.

- 🛍️ Gen Zs and millennials are more likely to spend on small luxuries or non-essentials.

- 📊 Customer segmentation and targeted marketing can be effective strategies to reach different consumer groups.

- 🛒 The merging of physical and digital shopping experiences, such as BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store), can enhance customer satisfaction and reach diverse customer preferences.

- 🛍️ The top reasons consumers shop in-store include the ability to see and touch products, immediate product availability, and exclusive in-store promotions or discounts.

- 📈 In-store promotions and immediate product selection become more important as consumers get older.

- 💻 Convenience is the primary reason consumers shop online, with competitive prices being more important to older generations.

- 📧 Email is the most preferred form of brand marketing among consumers, with generational differences in preferences.

- 🎁 Consumers plan to shop primarily online in the months leading up to the holidays, with holiday spending likely to remain similar to previous years.

- 🛒 Boomers+ are more likely to shop in-store for the holidays, while younger generations plan to shop more online.

“Brainstorm ideas that combine channels. Examples include using online sign-up forms to collect RSVPs to in-store holiday events and gain more subscribers; leveraging loyalty programs to purchase in-store and online to gain more points; handing out coupons at in-store check-out for deals shoppers can redeem online; and sending segmented emails to both online and
 in-store purchasers to increase total shopping across channels.”

—McKenzie Hibler, director of ecommerce marketing, Groove Commerce

- 💰 Consumers spend an average of $745 each holiday season, with spending increasing as consumers get older.

- 🎁 Those planning to increase holiday spending do so primarily due to inflation or purchasing more gifts, while those planning to decrease spending do so by buying fewer gifts.

- 👥 "Dupes" (products of similar quality from lesser-known brands) are considered by 40% of consumers as affordable alternatives for gifts.

- Timing matters for holiday shopping, with most people doing their shopping in the months leading up to the holidays, and online deal days becoming popular.

- 💸 Brands should consider price-conscious consumers and offer bundles to appeal to the spend-apprehensive audience.

- 💼 Businesses should focus on executing the basics, updating pop-ups for holiday campaigns, and considering retention strategies for returning customers during the holiday season.

- 📈 Brands should differentiate themselves by emphasizing their unique value proposition and lead with their "why" in marketing messages.

🤖 AI Fashion Style of the Week 🤖 

Each week, our resident AI expert generates a fashion design with the help of AI. If enough people like it, we may just make it.

Crafting an Instagram Bio for Your Boutique That Resonates w/ Your Customers.

  • Express Boutique’s Personality: Use emojis and descriptive language to showcase your boutique's unique style and fashion expertise.

  • Engage Through Visuals: Balance creativity with professionalism in your bio’s font and emoji choices, ensuring readability.

  • Foster Community with Hashtags: Create a branded hashtag to build brand recognition and encourage customer engagement.

  • Showcase Authenticity: Utilize user-generated content to provide social proof and celebrate customer diversity.

  • Clearly State Your Fashion Philosophy: Use your bio to articulate your boutique's mission and guide customers on their fashion journey.

  • Provide Strategic Information: Enhance user experience by including contact details, location, and links to promotions or other social media profiles.

  • Build Credibility: Highlight any unique offerings, accolades, or fashion expertise of your boutique.

Take a look below to see how our awesome client, Judith March, totally nails it with their Bio.

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