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2024 Fashion Forecast: Exclusive Trends for Your Boutique!

Plus, the latest trends, news, & tips to help your boutique thrive!

Happy Tuesday.✌️ Welcome to the 19th edition of our weekly newsletter!

🍂Alex Hormozi, an entrepreneur who helps companies scale, talks a lot about the 100-day rule. He said, “If you’re willing to suck at anything for 100 days in a row, you can beat most people at most things.” Whether you want more followers on social media or more traffic in your store, make a plan and execute it for 100 days without fail. You may suck at it in the beginning, but I can guarantee you that you’ll suck less at it on day 100. Stay the course and results will come.

When we started this newsletter, we set out to build a community of boutique owners and operators with the goal of educating and sharing the path to success for retail fashion entrepreneurs. Well, that was about 130 days and 6000 subscribers ago, so hopefully we suck a little less at accomplishing our goal. Hopefully, you agree. And if you do, we’d love for you to share this link with your team or fellow boutique owners.

Now let’s get into the latest trends, strategies, and insights to help you stay on top of the retail fashion game. All in a 5-minute weekly read. If you haven’t already, Sign up here to continue to stay in the know.

In this week’s edition:

  • 👗 Upcoming Fashion Trends to Prepare For

  • 📧 Email Marketing Tips

  • 🧍‍♀️ Easy Customer Retention Techniques

  •  Tips, trends, & tidbits

🎯Tik Tok Fashion Trends

According to Trendpop’s Holiday 2023 Trend Report that analyzes Tik Tok data, these are the fashion trends to pay attention to.

Trench Coats ⬆️ 45% 90-Day Growth ↗️ 441M Views


Tag your partner in crime 🖤 #parisiennestyle #frenchgirlstyle #trenchcoatstyle #trenchcoats #falloutfits

Biker Boots ⬆️ 218% 90-Day Growth ↗️ 56M Views


Replying to @myprettypoison Different ways to wear biker boots #bikerboots #outfitinspo #fallfashion #elevatingoutfits #stylingideas

1920’s Fashion ⬆️ 36% 90-Day Growth


How we think people dressed in the #1920s vs how they actually dressed ✨thank you for the dress @dakotasbeard ❣️❣️❣️

Latest Finds From LA Fashion Insider


Our Latest Wholesale Find of the Week #fashion #boutiqueclothing #boutiqueowner #womensclothing

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🎯Tip of the Week

The Gold Standard of Customer Retention Techniques: Email and SMS

Here's how to ensure your customers remain loyal.

Firstly, seize the post-purchase euphoria with a “Thank You” email. This is when your customer’s excitement is at its zenith — they're eagerly anticipating your emails and are more receptive than ever.

Capitalize on this moment by offering a discount code or a complimentary product on their subsequent purchase, enhancing their delight and encouraging repeat business.

Secondly, personalize product recommendations. Whether it's through email or SMS, curate suggestions that resonate with your customers' preferences.

Utilize audience segmentation or insights from quizzes they’ve completed to tailor your recommendations. Sweeten the deal with a discount code, gently nudging them towards another purchase.

Thirdly, master the art of anticipation. Email and SMS marketing are incredibly cost-effective and potent tools in drumming up excitement.

Build up new product drops or sales events, cultivating a captive audience ready to act on launch day.

In essence, bolstering customer retention is about strategically engaging your customer base through inventive, assured communications. Email and SMS are not just channels but your allies in forging enduring customer relationships.

🤖 AI Fashion Style of the Week 🤖 

Each week, our resident AI expert generates a fashion design with the help of AI. If enough people like it, we may just make it.

It costs so little to recognize someone and so much to recruit, train, and hire a new person to replace them if they quit.

Appreciation is not only humane but highly profitable.

Alex Hormozi


Please introduce us to your team and empower them with the knowledge to elevate your boutique business.

👇️ Your fashion-forward future awaits!👇️

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