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The Perfect Fit: How Fit Technology is Revolutionizing Fashion E-Commerce

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In this week’s edition:

  • 📏 Fit technology gaining momentum

  • 👗 Fit Technology is Revolutionizing Fashion E-Commerce

  • 💵 Inflation is down to 3%, declining for the 12th straight month.

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  • 😀 US consumers are feeling the most optimistic since September 2021 (Link)

  • 💰 The sportswear market is projected to grow from $185.9 billion in 2022 to $356 billion by 2032.

  • Three words no shopper wants to hear: “Out of stock.” (Link)

The Perfect Fit: How Fit Technology is Revolutionizing Fashion E-Commerce

Online shopping for clothes can be a frustrating experience. Without trying on items, it's difficult to know if something will actually fit properly or look flattering on your body. Returns and exchanges are common as customers deal with ill-fitting purchases. However, new fit technology is aiming to solve these problems and provide a better shopping experience for fashion e-commerce customers. Oh, and Google just entered the game, so get ready.

Virtual Fit Technology

Some fashion retailers are now using virtual fit technology on their websites. This allows shoppers to input their measurements and see how clothes will fit on a 3D model of their body shape. Shoppers can see if something is too tight or too loose before ordering. Virtual fit technology takes the guessing game out of online apparel shopping. Instead of wondering if a size medium will fit, you can see it modeled on your custom avatar.

This kind of immersive experience helps reduce returns and creates happier customers who feel confident in what they've ordered. Virtual fitting rooms are also fun and engaging for users. Brands like ASOS and Gap are already utilizing this tech and more fashion e-tailers are expected to follow.

Recommendation Engines

Other fit tech comes in the form of recommendation engines that use customer data to make personalized product suggestions. These platforms can gather information like your measurements, preferred brands, style preferences, fit issues with past purchases, and more.

The algorithm then serves up recommendations for items that should fit you well and match your tastes. This allows for a highly customized shopping experience. Instead of aimlessly browsing, customers see a curated selection of on-trend items tailored to their fit and style. Brands can reduce returns and build customer loyalty with this targeted approach.

AR Size Scaling

Some brands are experimenting with augmented reality (AR) tools that allow you to see how an item would look in your real environment. You use your phone's camera to capture your surroundings, then digitally overlay a garment on top to see the relative size and how it drapes on your frame.

While not an exact virtual fitting room, AR size scaling helps give shoppers a better sense of an item's proportions. This can aid in visualizing if something will flatter your figure or if the oversized sweatshirt will swallow you whole. AR provides additional context that images alone can't provide.

Fit tech solutions are revolutionizing the online fashion shopping journey. Virtual fit rooms, smart recommendation engines, and AR allow for a personalized, engaging experience. Customers get to shop for clothes that truly fit without the guesswork. Implementing this kind of technology is key for fashion e-commerce brands looking to boost sales and satisfaction in the future.

Here are just a few of the fit software solutions on the market.

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