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  • Paris Fashion Week: From the Catwalk to Your Boutique (PART 2)

Paris Fashion Week: From the Catwalk to Your Boutique (PART 2)

Plus Tips, Tricks & News for Boutique Owners and their Team

Happy Tuesday.✌️ Welcome to the 15th edition of our weekly newsletter!

🍂 We’re back for round two of our coverage of Paris Fashion Week and how you can translate what we’re seeing on the catwalk to your boutique.

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In this week’s edition:

  • 🌊 Navigating the Spring ‘24 Trends: Paris Fashion Week Insights for Boutique Owners (Part 2)

  • 📈 NRF’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Outlook 

  • 😀 Social Media Checklist

  •  Tips, trends, & tidbits

🎯 Quick Hits

Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier, spreading out their budgets, and seeking deals, but they still value thoughtful gift-giving during the holiday season.

  • Consumers are beginning their holiday shopping early, with 39% planning to start earlier than usual this year.

  • The early start is driven by the desire to spread out gift-shopping budgets.

  • Despite early starts, consumers are still shopping well into the holiday season, with only 53% of shopping done on average by early December.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain popular sales events, with a significant increase in shopping-related searches and a record 196.7 million consumers shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

  • Consumers are deliberate in their gift purchases, often using online search for inspiration.

  • Only 28% of holiday purchases in 2022 were impulsive over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • While sales and promotions are important, consumers also prioritize thoughtful gift-giving, with 58% saying it's important to spend on holiday gifts and celebrations.

  • Most consumers (69%) prioritize buying gifts for others first when starting their holiday shopping.

  • Retailers must prepare their mobile experiences for Q4, where mobile sales are crucial.

  • Mobile commerce is growing, with eMarketer predicting 43.4% of retail e-commerce sales in 2023 to be from mobile.

  • Retailers face challenges due to the complexity of routing traffic to mobile apps through various channels.

  • Mobile deep linking (MDL) is essential for a seamless user experience, with Pinterest expanding MDL capabilities.

  • Broken mobile experiences can lead to reduced conversion rates.

  • Retailers need to identify and fix issues in their mobile commerce experiences.

  • Audits, identifying points of failure, and optimizing mobile experiences are key steps.

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Deep Dive 🌊

Navigating the Spring ‘24 Trends: Paris Fashion Week Insights for Boutique Owners (Part 2)

Runway shows offer boutiques a glimpse into emerging trends and innovative designs from esteemed designers. These collections provide inspiration on color palettes, textures, and thematic narratives.

Additionally, unique venue selections and immersive show experiences on the catwalk can prompt boutiques to enhance their retail strategies, making shopping more experiential.

By adopting these fashion-forward ideas, boutiques can keep pace with the evolving fashion landscape, ensuring a fresh and appealing offering for their clientele.

In last week’s newsletter, we explored the collections of The Row, Comme des Garcons, Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Marni, and Carven. For this edition, we’ll take a look at Givenchy, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Matthew Williams' Search for an Individual Signature at Givenchy

Matthew Williams' debut collection for Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week showcased his quest for an individual signature. Williams embraced the house's heritage while infusing his own streetwear sensibilities. His designs strike a balance between edgy and elegance, combining structured tailoring, sculptural details, and a contemporary edge.

Takeaways for Boutiques

Feminine Elegance: The collection could inspire US boutiques to embrace a more feminine aesthetic, incorporating soft drapes, floral prints, and delicate fabrics in their offerings.

Contemporary Elegance: Givenchy's narrative may encourage boutiques to blend modern design elements with classical elegance, creating a fresh yet sophisticated look​​.

Subdued Elegance: Givenchy’s structured blazers and coats, layered over sheer slip dresses, midi skirts, and fluid blouses, might lead to a trend of combining structured with soft silhouettes, promoting a sophisticated yet approachable style​​.

The Transition from Streetwear: This could influence boutiques to explore a similar transition, possibly moving away from streetwear-dominated collections to include more elegant, timeless pieces​.

The Focused Yet Monotonous Outing by Valentino's Pierpaolo Piccioli

Pierpaolo Piccioli's collections for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week are often characterized by their focused and monotonous color palettes. Piccioli explores the power of simplicity, relying on clean lines, minimal embellishments, and a singular color to make a bold statement. His designs exude a sense of refined elegance and demonstrate the impact of restraint in fashion.

Here’s how Valentino may influence boutiques on this side of the pond.

  • Embracing Femininity:

    • The collection's emphasis on femininity, particularly through the representation of the female body, may encourage US boutiques to embrace designs that celebrate feminine forms and expressions​​.

  • Performance and Fashion:

    • The inclusion of a performance by British singer FKA Twigs during the show suggests a blend of performance and fashion, which could inspire boutiques to consider more experiential or interactive presentations of their collections​​.

  • Body Positivity:

    • By paying tribute to the feminine form and promoting the concept of women embodying their authentic selves, this collection may contribute to the ongoing body positivity movement within the fashion industry, inspiring boutiques to offer a wider range of sizes and styles that cater to all body types​​.

  • Elevated Craftsmanship:

    • The meticulous design approach showcased in Valentino's Spring 2024 collection might set a high standard, encouraging boutiques to focus on craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail in their own offerings.

Stella McCartney's Blend of Mannish and Girly Aesthetics

At Paris Fashion Week, McCartney's designs strike a balance between structured tailoring and delicate details, resulting in a unique juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements. Her collections appeal to individuals who embrace a modern and eclectic style.

Takeaways for Boutiques

  • Sustainability:

    • The collection was crafted from "95% conscious materials", making it one of Stella McCartney's most responsible offerings to date. This strong emphasis on sustainability could inspire US boutiques to integrate more eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in their own collections​​.

  • Freedom and Fluidity:

    • The overarching theme of freedom and fluidity was evident as models showcased designs that seemed to flow freely with their movements, creating a sense of liberation. This theme could resonate with US boutiques, possibly leading to designs that embody freedom and fluidity, catering to consumers who appreciate comfort along with style​​.

  • New Fabric Technologies:

    • Representatives from companies pioneering new fabric technologies were present during the show, highlighting a potential trend toward exploring innovative materials. US boutiques might be influenced to explore and integrate new fabric technologies that align with sustainable and ethical fashion trends​​.

  • Experiential Retailing:

    • The Spring 2024 collection was showcased in a market setting, a departure from traditional runway shows. This innovative approach might inspire US boutiques to explore experiential retailing, creating engaging shopping experiences that go beyond the typical retail model​​.

Victoria Beckham's Need for Originality

Victoria Beckham's collection at Paris Fashion Week showcases a combination of classic elegance and contemporary flair, resulting in sophisticated and fashion-forward collections.

  • Simplicity and Elegance:

    • The elegance of dance intertwined with the simplicity of spring dressing reveals a balance between sophistication and minimalism​​. US boutiques might be influenced to adopt a similar approach, offering simple yet elegant pieces.

  • Connection to Nature:

    • The collection also explores Victoria Beckham's relationship with the British countryside, which may resonate with a wider trend of nature-inspired designs​​. US boutiques might be inspired to blend natural themes with elegant designs.

  • Movement and Fabric Interaction:

    • The collection delves into the interaction between movement and fabric, echoing the fluid movements of ballet with the functionality and style of contemporary fashion​​. This could inspire boutiques to explore designs that celebrate movement and the body's interaction with fabric.

Nicolas Ghesquière's Softer Waters at Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière's collections for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week embrace femininity and a sense of romance, infusing it with his modern and futuristic vision. His designs marry traditional luxury with innovative aesthetics, captivating audiences with their unique juxtaposition.


  • Travel-Friendly Wardrobe:

    • The collection by Nicolas Ghesquière featured a travel-friendly wardrobe, showing at a construction site for the brand's future mega-complex on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées​​. This emphasis on travel-friendly fashion could inspire US boutiques to offer more practical, comfortable, yet stylish clothing options suitable for travel.

  • Nostalgia and Futurism:

    • The theme of stepping into the retro-future was noted, blending nostalgic elements with a futuristic aesthetic​. This duality might inspire US boutiques to explore similar themes, perhaps blending vintage styles with modern, futuristic elements.

  • A Traveler’s Fantasy Theme:

    • The collection was noted as a traveler’s fantasy, possibly emphasizing the joy and freedom associated with travel​​. This theme could resonate with US boutiques, inspiring collections that encapsulate the spirit of adventure and the aesthetic of travel.

Virginie Viard's Abstract Rendition of Chanel at Villa Noailles

Virginie Viard's collections for Chanel at Paris Fashion Week embrace experimentation and playfulness, infusing her designs with unexpected twists and turns.

  • Beach-Ready Dressing:

    • The collection's beach-ready dressing theme could inspire US boutiques to incorporate a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe in their summer collections. The emphasis on easy-to-wear pieces suitable for beach settings may lead to a trend of creating stylish and functional beachwear​​.

  • Color Exploration:

    • With a more liberated approach to color, as seen in the collection's black-and-white woven poncho with vibrant colored stripes, US boutiques might be encouraged to explore bolder color combinations, moving away from traditional summer palettes​​.

  • Graphic Tweeds and Floral Embroideries:

    • The inclusion of graphic tweeds and floral embroideries in the collection may influence boutiques to experiment with textured fabrics and embroidered details, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to their offerings​.

  • Modernized French Girl Style:

    • The modern take on the classic French girl style in Chanel's Spring 2024 collection could inspire a trend of revisiting and modernizing classic styles, balancing ease with elegance, which might resonate well with consumers seeking effortless chic​​.

  • Historical and Modern Allure:

    • The collection’s blend of contemporary charm and timeless elegance, inspired by Villa Noailles' legacy, suggests a harmonious fusion of modern allure with historical grace. This aspect could lead US boutiques to explore designs that echo a blend of historical elegance with modern charm​​.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our two-part trip to Paris Fashion Week. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration that’ll make your Spring selling season a knockout.


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